Our Company has maintained a long standing commitment to the Australian Honey Bee Industry since 1953. We are proud to be part of a range of initiatives that support our crucial industry and all Aussie beekeepers.

Disaster Relief 

Due to the impacts of drought, flood and bushfire, we have engaged with government and specific charities to assist with the rehabilitation of the industry. Below are the current programs available for Australian beekeepers.  

Hive Aid 

We are proud to partner with Rural Aid and peak industry body the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC), to launch Hive Aid, a drought and bushfire relief campaign aimed specifically at struggling beekeepers.

Hive + Wellness Australia understands the crucial role that bees and beekeepers play in our food production, and right now they are in a battle for survival. Hive Aid will provide much-needed assistance during some of the worst conditions in memory. Learn more about Hive Aid via Capilano Honey

Hive Aid can provide the following assistance for beekeepers impacted by drought, bushfires and floods: 

  • 1 x $500 “Country Card” (prepaid Visa)
  • Financial Assistance to pay bills / pre-pay bills to the value of $1000
  • A load of household water (once every 3 months)
  • Support from Rural Aid's 'Farm Army'. Details are available here
  • Access to free certified counsellors available via 1300 327 624.


All applications are treated with strict confidentiality by Rural Aid.