Choose A Helping Honey Campaign Launches

Capilano Drought & Bushfire Relief Honey is now available in leading retailers across Australia, including Coles, Woolworths and independent grocery stores, generating much-needed support for beekeepers and their honey bees.

Hive + Wellness Australia, which packs the iconic Capilano Honey brand, launched the specially packaged fundraising honey in the New Year and the rollout has continued through January. The company said the pack has received strong support from both consumers and retailers.

Hive + Wellness Australia CEO Ryan d’Almeida said: “I think the message is now clearly out in the public domain that beekeepers have been severely affected by the drought and bushfires.”

“Given they have inconspicuous livestock and often operate without landholdings, it is easy for beekeepers to be the “forgotten farmers”. However, consumers are well aware of the importance of bees to Australian agriculture. Media coverage in recent months has highlighted the plight of beekeepers and consumers are showing their support through buying the Drought & Bushfire Relief Honey.”

He said Capilano’s retailers were also making an effort to prominently display the packs. “We are very grateful for retailers’ support - the packs look fantastic on shelf. Although the Drought & Bushfire Relief Honey packs are a sign of how challenging this season is for Australia’s professional beekeepers, they are also a sign of the strong relationships across the industry, and the dedication of retailers and consumers to helping the cause.”

Twenty cents from every specially marked green Drought & Bushfire Relief pack is donated to Hive Aid, an industry-wide campaign proudly supported by Hive + Wellness Australia, Rural Aid and the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council.