Statement Regarding Legal Settlement

Hive + Wellness Australia is pleased to advise that long-running defamation proceedings against Simon Mulvany have been settled.

Hive + Wellness commenced defamation proceedings against Simon Mulvany in 2016 in relation to false and misleading statements made by Mr Mulvany about the company, its officers and its honey.

Mr Mulvany has agreed to withdraw those statements and not to make further misleading comments about Hive + Wellness Australia’s products. Mr Mulvany has also acknowledged and publicly stated that, despite what he had previously said:

  • Capilano branded honey sold within Australia with labels stating it is 100% Australian honey or 100% pure Australian honey was made of 100% Australian honey and did not contain imported honey.
  • He did not have a proper basis for suggesting Hive + Wellness’ Australian brands were dangerous.
  • Hive + Wellness was not dishonest in its labelling of honey.

Hive + Wellness COO Ben McKee said: “While court proceedings are always a last resort, we believed we had no other option given the importance of protecting our reputation. Hive + Wellness is pleased to have reached a suitable settlement with Mr Mulvany and that he has gone on record to admit to his followers that there was no basis for his damaging remarks and has instead confirmed the truth about Hive + Wellness’ quality products. We will now put this matter behind us as we concentrate our efforts on supporting Australian beekeepers, who are battling drought and the impact of extensive loss of resource due to devastating bushfires.”