Site Safety

Drivers delivering or collecting goods must comply with all procedures, directions and emergency response actions at all times whilst on site. HWA follows all Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws outlined by the NHVR. HWA has zero tolerance for any breach of CoR. Failure to follow requirements may result in the driver being refused access to the site. 

Summary of requirements / important information:

  • Entry and Exit - All Drivers must report to the Despatch/Receivals Office on ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ with relevant paperwork (Con Note / Delivery Docket / Ref#) and await instructions. Please also advise if you have an allergy to bee stings.
  • Evacuation Assembly Area –  In the event of an emergency the ‘Emergency Alert Tone’ will sound (beep beep whoop whoop whoop). Please follow all instructions by staff as they direct you to proceed to the Emergency Assembly Area. 
  • First Aid - The Company will provide first aid treatment to drivers seeking treatment for injuries received whilst on site. All accidents are to be reported to the Supervisor of the area.
  • Forklifts -  Multiple Forklifts can be operating on the site at any given time. Please take care if you need to more from your vehicle. 
  • Hygiene - No food or drink is to be consumed on site. In some areas, where signed, hands must be washed, hair coverings worn, and all jewellery removed.
  • Loading and Unloading – Keys are to be removed from ignition and park brake must be on (if requested, driver to wait in driver refuge area).
  • Animals - No pets are allowed on site. 
  • Children - Passengers 15 years & under must remain in vehicle.
  • Practical Jokes - Practical jokes and "skylarking" on the job can be dangerous and are prohibited.
  • Protective Equipment - Recognised steel capped boots/footwear and high visibility vests/shirts must be worn at all times whilst onsite. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they have adequate protective equipment. 
  • Safety Hazards - Report to Staff any hazards that may be noticed.
  • Site Security - The Site is monitored 24/7 by video cameras.
  • Smoking - Smoking is prohibited in all areas, with the exception of one designated smoking area at each site. 
  • Site Access - Approval to enter the site is given on the understanding that the driver is restricted to specified designated work area/s. Approval to be present on site is also restricted to normal working hours.
  • Speed Limit - Observe speed limit (10km/hour) and other traffic signs at all times when driving a vehicle whilst on site.
  • Walkways - Use recognised thoroughfares when walking through the premises. Do not run or take short cuts.