Australian Public Rallies to Support Beekeepers, Hive Aid Campaign Hits $250,000

Generous donations and everyday shoppers have helped to raise over a quarter of a million dollars to assist Australian beekeepers and their crucial honey bees.

Growing awareness of the plight of the beekeepers, who play a critical role in Australia’s agriculture industry, has prompted a groundswell of support for Hive Aid and the nation’s “forgotten farmers”, with donations passing $250,000. This has all occurred at a time when many Australians are doing it tough as the COVID-19 pandemic affects health, incomes and way of life across the country.

Hive + Wellness Australia CEO Ryan d’Almeida said: “This is a fantastic milestone, and quite humbling in the current environment. These funds will make a huge difference to beekeepers, supporting them to sustain their bees amidst some of the most challenging conditions on record.” He said that more than 120 beekeepers had registered since the campaign began, and the number continued to grow each month.

Over the last six months, bushfires have destroyed over 11 million hectares of forest, while drought and extreme heat have decimated bee populations. This has resulted in a domestic honey shortage and restricted the ability of bees to pollinate important farming crops.

Mr d’Almeida said: “Since the campaign was launched, Rural Aid has done an amazing job of directing the funds to professional beekeepers in urgent need. Hive Aid has seen particularly high requests for assistance from beekeepers in Queensland and New South Wales, where conditions have been harshest. But beekeepers from much further afield have also registered for help.”

“The public’s support for this campaign is providing both immediate assistance and also ensuring the longer-term survival of the nation’s beekeeping industry.”

Professional beekeepers can register for assistance here:

Individual donations to Hive Aid can be made at donors should contact Hive + Wellness, AHBIC or Rural Aid directly.