Hive Aid Funds Distributed to Support Beekeepers

Dozens of beekeepers have received support from Rural Aid through their Hive Aid campaign in recent weeks, enabling them to maintain adequate food, water and fuel supplies to care for their bees.

Figures supplied by Rural Aid show that donations to the campaign have climbed to over $240,000. Launched just two months ago, the campaign has seen over 100 beekeepers register for support for their bees and their families.

Some of the aid provided so far includes $50,000 worth of gift cards for groceries, $61,500 worth of assistance for bills and $118,500 worth of Beekeeper Cards that can be used on fuel and supplies.

Hive + Wellness CEO Ryan d’Almeida said: “Hive Aid is a collaborative campaign that was created after we saw how much our suppliers were struggling given the heat, scarcity of food and water for bees, and devastating bushfires. We knew that this was a problem right across the beekeeping industry, and that there was urgent need for support.”

“The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council has done a fantastic job in advocating on behalf of beekeepers and spreading the word about the support available through Hive Aid. We are also very grateful for the expertise of Rural Aid, which has run so many other successful campaigns supporting rural causes, and which enabled Hive Aid to be established so quickly.”

Rural Aid National Business Development Manager Wayne Thomson said: “Our farmers – and that includes our beekeepers - have faced unprecedented bushfires and drought. Professional beekeepers are the cornerstone of our agricultural industry and when they and their honey bees are in trouble, the impact on farming is widespread.”

“We are very pleased that the campaign has been so well received. Applications continue to come in from beekeepers, proving this is a service that can make a real difference.”

Professional beekeepers can register for assistance here

Donations to Hive Aid can be made here

Major donors should contact Hive + Wellness, AHBIC or Wayne Thomson from Rural Aid directly on 0476647281