Proudly Partnering With Aussie Beekeepers

With over 800 beekeepers now in our family, we’re proud to continue on a tradition that began almost 70 years ago with two beekeeping brothers. In 1953 these brothers, Tim & Bert Smith, set the foundations for our company with strong values to support Australian beekeepers – values that still drive us today.

Australian owned and operated, with sites located in Richlands, QLD, Maryborough, VIC and Bayswater, WA, our team are focussed on packing and marketing quality Australian honey. We are also thrilled to be working on exciting new opportunities for Aussie beekeepers, such as our current Australian Propolis project that’s being run in conjunction with the University of the Sunshine Coast. This exciting project is qualifying the unique compounds in Aussie propolis, its potential to be developed into an additional income stream for beekeepers and the opportunity to create a sustainable, commercially viable Australian propolis industry.

In addition to investigating new revenue streams for beekeepers, our company remains committed to strengthening Australian beekeeping businesses that choose to partner with us through our recently launched ‘Capilano Beekeeper Rewards Program’. This program offers exciting discounts and deals on services, equipment and merchandise for our beekeepers.

We're buzzed to welcome Steritech as our most recent program partner to provide suppliers with a competitive rate on irradiation of materials to enhance biosecurity. This service is presently the most effective method of eliminating pathogens and pests from equipment to promote healthier, happier and therefore more productive beehives.  

Meet some of our long term suppliers here

To enquire about supplying us with your Aussie honey, please contact our friendly Beekeeper Services Team on 1800 350 977 or send us an email.